November 21, 2020

How to Beat Them Wagering Requirements

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The wagering requirement is a mandatory evil that you'll encounter in virtually all online mobile casino bonuses. Mobile casinos attr act players with lucrative incentives like no deposit bonuses and cashback. Sadly, almost 100% of these rewards are not available in instant cash. There are a few conditions to meet before withdrawing the money. So, this guide breaks down all you need to know about the wagering requirement and how to complete it effortlessly.

How to Beat Them Wagering Requirements

What Does Wagering Requirements Mean?

When playing casino on your mobile, you're likely to be given bonus cash at some point. However, this cash comes with terms and conditions that players must meet to withdraw it. You will need to bet a specific number of times before the money becomes real cash. That is the wagering requirement or playthrough requirement in online and mobile casino terms.

For instance, a mobile casino offers you a 100% up to £100 bonus after signing up. In essence, if a player deposits £100, they get a similar amount in bonus money. But here's the trick; the bonus can have a 10x wagering requirement attached. In that case, you'll multiply the wagering requirement by the bonus money to find the amount you must bet to withdraw, which is £1,000.

Why Mobile Casinos Have Wagering Requirements?

Like any other business entity, mobile casinos are in the game to make profits. Therefore, dishing out free money to players wouldn't make any sense. That's why the casino tries to package the bonus attractively to get the players to sign up. Also, most online casinos have the wagering requirement to comply with anti-money laundering regulations. Without this condition, criminals would easily clean dirty money by depositing and withdrawing cash at will.

How to Beat Mobile Casino Wagering Requirements?

Honestly, there is no one-way ticket to beat the wagering requirement. Luckily, you can employ a few tricks. For starters, make sure that the mobile casino you're about to sign up for is licensed and regulated. Hundreds of trusted mobile casinos offer a safe gambling environment after passing through rigorous tests. Choose one and claim the bonus.

You can also beat the wagering requirement by considering the right game to complete the condition. For most experienced players, slots are the game of choice. In fact, most online casinos have 100% slot weighting. That means that if a player bets £1, it will count £1 towards completing the wagering requirement.

Finally, read the fine print before claiming the bonus. A legit and fair mobile casino should clearly display the bonus terms and conditions. Here, the player should find anything, including the rollover requirement of all promotions and any other vital information. Gamers should also check the withdrawal cap of the bonus winnings.

Other Things That Affect Wagering Requirements

Apart from game type and weighting, a few other things can affect the wagering requirement. They include: Expiry date – Most mobile casino bonuses are active for only a specific amount of time. Simply put, a player will have to meet the playthrough requirement before a particular date. Otherwise, you'll lose the bonus cash.

Maximum bet – Unfortunately, it's impossible to wager big bets to complete the wagering requirement quickly on most mobile casinos. Casinos have a limit of, let's say, £5 wagers to clear the playthrough. So choose a wagering requirement that you can quickly meet.

The Bottom Line

The most obvious way to beat the wagering requirement while playing casino on mobile is to place bets until you reach the amount. But as you can see, certain factors such as the game weighting, expiry date, and casino licensing can influence how quickly you withdraw the money. So, read the T & C carefully first because there's no going back after claiming the offer.

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