April 22, 2020

Everything about Sic Bo, the engaging Asian dice game

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Pride of the ancient gambling tradition of the far East, Sic Bo is a dice game, that's why it can be a challenging and fun alternative for craps lovers. This game has crossed the Asian continental borders and has become a hit even in the U.S. and Europe.

Everything about Sic Bo, the engaging Asian dice game

Just like craps, Sic Bo is a fast paced game. It is played using 3 six-sided dice and a table, specifically designed for this game, where the gambler places his bets before the dice are rolled. It's available in traditional and online casinos, to add fun and variety to the range of existing games.

Basic Sic Bo Rules

In Sic Bo, the objective of the game is guessing the numbers appearing on the dice faces. The most common bets are Two of a Kind and Three of a Kind: the player has to guess the numbers showing on two or three dice on each single game.

The gambler can try his luck also by placing Small Bets and Big Bets. These refer to the total count of the dice; Small Bets win when the total is between 4 and 10, Big Bets win when the count is between 11 and 17. It is also possible to bet on specific numbers or combinations.

How To Start Playing Sic Bo

As in any game, strategies can be ways to enhance winnings, but at the same time it has to be kept in mind that tactics rely on probability theory, which, in gambling, is not an exact science. Luck plays an essential role, even in Sic Bo.

For those who are still not at ease with Sic Bo rules and want to practice before betting real money, it can be a good option to try a trial version that be played for free. This way, the players can refine their tactics and then bet and play with more confidence.

How to Play Sic Bo Online

Sic Bo is in the catalogs of many of the best online casino platforms. Recently, casinos have made it available to their user sophisticated mobile versions of all their games. These apps are designed for smartphones and tablets and are downloadable for free directly from the casino site.

The apps are completely compatible for different screen dimensions, to ensure the best gambling experience. Especially for a fast paced game like sic Bo, it is crucial to use a software that won't compromise the fun and quality of the game, both when rolling the dice and making a bet.

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